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Thursday, 20th of June 2024

Infectious Salmon Anaemia

The global spread of infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV), and the serious consequences it generates for fish health and welfare together with considerable economic hardship for the fish farming industry, has lead x-OvO Limited to develop a diagnostic PCR and sequencing service to facilitate its clear diagnosis and a better understanding of the epidemiology of the virus. The presence of ISAV in several of the worlds largest salmon farming regions together with its probable infection of trout (acting as a reservoir), make accurate identification of the viral genome critical if the spread of the disease is to be tracked correctly and controlled.

By targeting the variable region of the haemagglutinin esterase (HE) gene using PCR and the sequencing of a 1200 nucleotide fragment, ISAV infections can by identified accurately with different isolates compared to determine their degree of relatedness. The use of appropriate statistical tools allows conclusions to be reached regarding the significance of any association and hence make inferences on the source of the infection (e.g. from genetic source stock to commercial farms and movement from the trout reservoir to genetic or commercial stock).

The analysis is carried out on appropriate tissue samples submitted frozen or in viral transport media at an International reference institute.

Contact x-OvO Limited directly to find out how your organisation can benefit from access to this market leading technology.

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