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Thursday, 20th of June 2024

FLOCKSCREEN™ Diagnostic Services

As an extension of diagnostic kit and reagent supplies, x-OvO provides centralised diagnostic services to major clients who require a more advanced diagnostic support package. The services include the use of PCR and gene sequencing diagnostics together with proprietary analytical software to facilitate an understanding of the dynamics of the spread of infection and the changes in the infectious agent that occur subsequent to alterations in the host immune response.

Tissues and clinical samples are submitted to agreed sampling protocols, with results due 21 days after sample receipt.

Follow up investigation on viruses and bacteria isolated from clinical cases to characterise fully the respective reagent are undertaken as required. Current services focus on avian influenza, avian metapneumovirus, infectious bronchitis virus, mycoplasma, Newcastle disease, campylobacter, avian adenoviral infections and infectious salmon anaemia. Focus is placed on the tracking of the route of spread of infectious agents to assist in the formulation of control and eradication strategies.

Current clients of these services include multinational pharmaceutical companies, poultry breeding companies and major commercial poultry producers

Contact x-OvO to understand how your organisation can obtain access to this market leading service.

Avian Adenovirus Genotyping Diagnostic Service - Press Release

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