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Thursday, 20th of June 2024


The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is the most widely used, one of the most sensitive and reproducible diagnostic technologies available. The x-OvO FLOCKSCREEN™ assays are designed and manufactured to provide the user with that reproducibility, sensitivity and specificity. The protocols are rapid and simple to perform, making them ideal for both small and larger laboratories alike. The analyses may also be easily automated to facilitate mass scale testing programmes. Product design and manufacture encompasses key features such as the use of custom manufactured antigens and the best enzyme conjugates, to ensure that FLOCKSCREEN™ ELISA kits deliver the highest technical performance along with economy and convenience.

Kits are supplied in 2, 4 or 5 strip plate format configurations ensuring the user only needs to use the number of wells required for each run. Wastage is therefore reduced and any potential degradation of the antigen coated wells by repeated incubation minimised, as may occur in many competitor product formats. This feature combined with liquid, ready to use reagents supported by a single (common) sample dilution for all tests make the x-OvO FLOCKSCREEN™ ELISA range the optimum choice for professional users.

In addition to a comprehensive range of test kits, x-OvO also offers technical support together with software for data collection and interpretation.

FLOCKSCREEN™ ART Differentiation ELISA Kit

Of the 4 defined subtypes, A and B subtypes of avian rhinotracheitis virus are the most common globally. Protection against infection is achieved by the use both live and inactivated vaccines. Such products are protective against homologous and heterologous infection even though they are monovalent in nature. From a clinical management perspective, the diagnosis of the presence of a particular subtype of virus in the field and the application of a heterologous subtype vaccine will facilitate the best control strategy should differentiation of the birdís immune response to the two antigens be possible.

Until now, ELISA diagnostic kits have measured the combined A and B subgroup responses to ART infection. The only means to detect the presence of a particular subtype was by the use of PCR based diagnostics on tracheal swab samples. Successful results are rare due to the extremely short time window where live infectious ART virus is present at the site of sampling (the trachea).

As an important aid to the most appropriate management of ART infections and vaccination, x-OvO Limited is delighted to offer the FLOCKSCREEN ART Differentiation ELISA Kit. The kit features highly purified antigens and sera for both A and B subtypes, selected specially for their subtype specific responses, custom manufactured by an International reference institute. ELISA plates provided in the kit are coated with either A or B subgroup antigen, with a single sample subject to a double analysis. Comparison of both results yields important information on the major immune response of the bird and hence the possibility of a particular subtype infection. Once an appropriate diagnosis is made of the subtype of field infection present, the differential response to a heterologous vaccine can be monitored to ensure appropriate vaccine application. This should lead to decreasing titres to the field virus as the level of field infection is controlled.

The kit is supplied in a 2 plate or 4 plate format, each plate capable of analysing 96 samples for signs of either A or B subgroup infection.

For further details contact x-OvO Limited or your local distributor.

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