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Sunday, 14th of July 2024


In collaboration with molecular biologists at an International reference institute, x-OvO is developing a range of avian real time PCR kits to allow local specialist veterinary diagnostic laboratories to conduct the actual molecular tests run on a routine basis at a leading international reference laboratory.

All kits benefit from extensive validation dossiers, facilitated by an International reference institute access to a global field sample base and strain reference library.

QIAGEN provides PCR enzymes exclusively for x-OvO's FLOCKSCREEN™ PCR assays, which have also been optimised for and validated with QIAGEN nucleic acid extraction technologies. x-OvO believes that reliability, sensitivity and specificity are key in today's veterinary testing environment, and has therefore chosen QIAGEN, the market leader in molecular testing, as its partner for this assay range. The assay technologies include state-of-the-art enzymes, whilst the sample technologies guarantee superior performance when used in combination with the FLOCKSCREEN™ product line.

QIAGEN is the leading global provider of sample and assay technologies, supplying academic research markets, leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, molecular diagnostics laboratories as well as customers in applied testing markets such as forensics, animal and food testing, and pharmaceutical process control. More information can be found at www.qiagen.com

In keeping with the corporate focus on avian influenza, x-OvO supplies the FLOCKSCREEN™ AI-1, AI-3 and AI-4 PCR kits to facilitate avian influenza control strategies underpinned by accurate molecular diagnoses. The FLOCKSCREEN™ AI-1 kit features a 400 reaction presentation to detect all group A avian influenza viruses (M gene target). The FLOCKSCREEN™ AI-3 kit features a 400 reaction presentation with primer/ probe sets to detect H5, H7 and H9 target viruses. To facilitate complete diagnostic flexibility, the kit features simultaneous reaction kinetics allowing the user to run H5, H7 and H9 reactions at the same time, thus creating the most rapid differential diagnostic for the three avian influenza subtypes that pose the greatest threat to both poultry and human populations. The FLOCKSCREEN™ AI-4 kit, combines the AI-1 and AI-3 kits in a single product, providing a 400 test product that may be used to detect Group A, H5, H7 and H9 targets in any combination up to a total maximum of 400 reactions.

The FLOCKSCREEN™ AI PCR range now comes with a shelf life efficacy guarantee, see the news section for further details.

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