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Sunday, 14th of July 2024

FLOCKSCREEN™ Serological Reagents

The use of haemagglutination inhibition (HI), agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID) testing and slide agglutination testing to assist in the diagnosis of a wide range of avian diseases, provides laboratories with a useful diagnostic tool independent of the state of mechanisation of the facilities.

x-OvO supplies a wide range of antigens, positive and negative control sera manufactured by an International reference institute. The extensive animal housing facilities for specific pathogen free chickens at an International reference institute, allow the large scale manufacture of extremely high titre antigens and sera. The production of large batch sizes allows for consistency of positive controls over a prolonged period. This is essential for customers who process large sample volumes and value the opportunity to compare results across their entire database.

HI testing plays a central role as a front line diagnostic in the fight against avian influenza infections. x-OvO supplies a full range of HI antigens and positive sera from H1-H16 inclusive, manufactured exclusively by an International reference institute. Numerous national government and global disease control organisations use these reagents as a core part of there influenza pandemic preparedness control strategies. The availabilty of multiple neuraminidase combinations (N groups) ensures that veterinary diagnostic laboratories can rule out positivity due to neuraminidase cross reactions thus providing the most accurate serological diagnosis possible.

Avian influenza and Newcastle disease HI antigens are supplied to a guaranteed minimum reference laboratory certified titre, thus ensuring the most cost effective combination of tests per vial of any supplier globally. Further, the antigens and sera come with proven heat stability data, thus facilitating their storage and shipment in hotter climates whilst maintaining full functionality.

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